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Here the Market experience is a personal and cultural one

"Our lives revolve around markets"

  • How to get there

    Once in Rundu just follow the main road and the billboard signs, if in doubt ask the friendly Rundu residents, about the Rundu Open Markets, you canít miss them ! To situate the Market, click on  market location . 

  • Opening hours : The opening hours are according to the community's preferences. The main Market is open from Monday to Friday from 6.00-21.00. and Saturdayís until 18.00.p.m. For special events, renting out for concerts, and trade fairs lasting more than a day or starting before 17.00 p.m., special arrangements must be done for the traders by the organizer and the market committee must be advised a week in advance, please contact the Market Manager. 

  • Trading hours : Most busy trading days are between the 25th and the 5th of each month ! 

  • The two smaller community markets are open every day (incl. Sunday) from 6.00 to 21.00. 

  • Type of stands : If you are stranded in Rundu and you are looking for a place to make and promote business, sell your vegetables etc. go to Stands and fees . The main market has a stand capacity of 350 places, while the two Community Markets have 250 trading places each. 


If you want to organize your Event, Concert, Fashion show in Rundu, see

 The market as your venue. 

The markets can provide you with other services such as fence making, salons, key making, service milling, plus a horticulture wholesale and information service through the two Market Gardens .

And as we are all working in an organized community you can look into our Rules and regulations, for more details, and make your stay the most pleasant.

If interested into the background of the markets, please click on History .


To enhance social, cultural and economic conditions in greater Rundu.
To promote good health and hygiene through the provision of proper infrastructure to small scale traders.
Promoting young musicians and local groups, chorals, youth organizations and the community at large.

To rent the Market for festivals, concerts, trade fairs etc  contact uS         


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